Our work is challenging, but our mission is simple:

Our Service

The Establishment presents in the bids of general and private sectors, to provide a high level of services to its customers, which include:

Faisal Al-Dossary land transport

Transfer and distribute food and non-food Products to all Key Account customers , whole sellers and grocery .

Faisal Al-Dossary Transport Frozen Product :

We are the leader for transport Frozen and chiller products which need temperature control to reach the customers according to each product requirements .

Faisal Al-Dossary Transport of Medical Products :

We have full experience to transfer medical product and equipment to hospitals , pharmacies and home patient . Our delivery reach on time and monitored using GPS monitoring system to be sure about the temperaturerequired ranges during the delivery.

Faisal Al-Dossary Lease trucks :

We have all kind of trucks dry or reefers with all sizes to fit all our customers requirements with our without drivers.

Land shipping

Land shipping for all kinds of goods, both inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dry Transport

Dry Transport service for all level companies.

Contract Types :

1- Long term contract: new trucks will be arranged according to customers’ requirements and the contract period will be vary between two years up to five years .
The contracted trucks can be used 12 hours per day 6 days per week and all truck fuel and driver expenses will be managed from our side.
If the contracted trucks more than five trucks we will provide onsite supervisor for driver’s communications and arrangement and he will be available during working time.

2- Per trip Contract :we have a service for per trip delivery to anyplace in the kingdom and to grantee reach the customers on time.

3- Per Day lease trucks : for the customers who have more than one trip per day they can use this type of contracts to utilize the trips .

4- We have trucks with two drivers to allow the long distance trips reach with shorter time .

Our Mission

Contribute to the service of transportation sector as it should, by building bridges of trust and walking on them, to achieve customer satisfaction, and to establish a solid partnership founded on quality, speed, and cost-savings, and good performance.

Our Ambition

To be the best carrier and to provide an integrated logistics services based on specialization, and saves our customers time and effort, by providing the latest media used in transportation, and the best staff of drivers and supervisors, thus contributing to the concentration of quality with the lowest possible cost.

Our staff

establishment began her career in 1994, the sustained movement for a number of drivers under the supervision of Mr. Faisal Al Dossary, matured to sweet fruit, where 2008 saw a significant increase in the number of staff of the establishment, where enroll now nearly 350 different drivers of different nationalities have a variety of driving licenses, and distributed in the form of groups in the various work sites.

Our Fleet

Organization has a Number of a modern variety of 350 mechanism, ranging between multiple sizes, heavy trucks, medium and light, equipped as required by the field, involving dry Trailer, chiller, and installation of cranes in situations that require speed and smooth offloading, and the establishment is ready to put its experience and entrepreneurship in transport to cover the various bids, and to provide dump trucks and cranes for construction projects, Ltd. and medium enterprises, thus contributing to the transfer of the required quality to the customer in different locations.

Our maincustomers:

Exel Saudi Arabia:

Distributing all Exel items inside the Kingdom.

Exel Aramco:

Distributing Aramco Item in all Aramco sites.

Al-Wafi Al-Takamul (SADIA chicken):

Distribute SADIA chicken in all supermarkets and restaurants within Saudi Arabia .

Healthcare medical distribution:

deliver medicine to all healthcare customers and home patients within Saudi Arabia. And we use all safety requirements such as the Tracking system to be sure about the temperature during delivery.

Vita Food
Al Jaber Talke